5 important communication tools for your startup

Your business plan is done, you have prepared the funding, you are well-informed about the industry and you’re ready to start. It is now important to create awareness about your business, service or product.

Your potential clients now need to notice you, trust you and use your service or buy your product. But how does your target audience find out about you, if nobody knows that your startup even exists. The answer is: branding and advertising concept. What exactly? We have chosen 5 basic communication tools, that we would like to introduce to you today.

Take a quick look:

1. Your Logo

In the beginning was the logo. Everything starts with your logo. Your logo defines your business and represents your company’s philosophy.

This individual graphic sign can consist of a name (letters) or can be a combination of a symbols and words creating a wordmark.

No matter what logo type you choose, a logo must be simple, original, unmistakable and one of a kind.

2. Your corporate design

A corporate design (CD) and corporate identity is a combination of communication tools, which help to create a particular visual statement about company’s philosophy, product or services. Corporate design can be a collection of visual elements, fonts and colours, which can be used in various applications to promote the image of a business, organisation or individual. A corporate identity can consist of  business cards,  letterheads, posters and flyers, advertising materials, giveaways as well as packaging, sounds, digital advertising like banners, website and social media pages.

After the creation of the CD by a professional graphic designer you receive a corporate design manual. This can be large and extensive or simple and small depending on your needs. All the rules of application are listed here for you to pass on to employees, agencies, media and printing shops.

3. Your business card and letterhead

It is still common to exchange business cards on trade fairs and business events.

Nowadays, there are many business cards formats, paper types and coating in foil and paper processing possibilities. Depending on your business, field of work or budget, a perfect business card can be created based on your individual needs.

Letterheads just like the business cards will be adapted according to the CD of your business.

4. Your website

Nowadays every business needs a website. A professional looking webpage will help you attract new customers and generate increasing profits.

A modern, professional website should be very clear and transparent, so that your potential customers can easily find important information. Your website should also be Responsive – web design should adapt to different screen sizes (smartphones or tablets).

And once again, your company webpage must be built based on your corporate design.  After all your website is your online business card.

5. Your social media channels

Are you probably privately active on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Then you might already be following some businesses online.

Today social media channels belong to the daily routine of many active users. People interact with each other and exchange information about current events, products and brands.

That is why it is so crucial to communicate with help of social media. But also here it is very important for you to make a plan on how, where and when to reach your target audience.

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