HUMANOO Employee Kit

Humanoo came to us with an idea of creating an ‘Employee Welcoming Kit’ for their crew. They wanted to make their employees feel welcome from the day 1 at the company. In addition, the Welcome Kit was suppose to enforce a strong brand awareness and help to represent the company brand image. Together, we came up with a set of high-quality, useful and fun gadgets, which included branded towel, bottle, notebook with a pen, backpack, beach ball and a pair of stickers. In addition we wrapped up this gift in a white packaging paper and placed it into a custom-made Humanoo Box. Humanoo Employee Welcoming Kit was ready to hand in and the crew loved the gifts. Our creation made an impact!

  • Client HUMANOO
  • Date April 26, 2020
  • Tags Corporate Identity Design, Print Design, Print Production, Social Media Design
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