Pop-Up Cubes with Wow Effect

I Qube You are personalised Pop-up Invitations with Wow Effect for personal and business events or Direct Mail Campaigns. These high-quality pop-up cubes will help your campaign to stand out and will deliver your message effectively. Thanks to its modern Design and that Wow Factor, I Qube You will surprise and entertain your target market and at the same time improve the response rate of the intended campaign.

You can use them as an invitation for birthdays, weddings, business parties or send it as Direct Mail Marketing Campaign advertising your product or service. I Qube You surprises, entertains and makes people happy!

I Qube You are products designed, developed and produced by Gillen Design. If you would like to receive a printed sample of an I Qube You Pop-up cube, drop u s a note!

  • Client I Qube You
  • Date October 15, 2021
  • Tags Conceptual Design, Corporate Identity Design, Digital Design, Motion Design, Print Design, Print Production, Social Media Design, Website Design
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