Personal Branding in Carola’s style

Personal Branding in Carola’s style

Meet Mrs. Carola Weicksel, a creative woman of vision, a win-win attitude influencer. She is a creator of professional seminars that teach leaders how to increase influence and drive leadership impact as a businesswoman or a businessmen. After defining her professional goals, strengths and weaknesses and creating a consistent strategy we were ready to communicate her unique professional attributes and highlight her authenticity and aspirations. The entire corporate identity design including logo, corporate colours, fonts and key visuals were built to communicate her approach to a Win-Win attitude:

Soft lines and curves symbolise different pathways, approaches and solutions. The lines come from Carola Weicksel’s Logo, where they connect letters symbolising the strong bond with her recipients. The combination of Dark Marine, Brave Purple and Clear Turquoise helped us to communicate wisdom, bravery, spirituality, devotion and creativity but also open communication and clarity of thoughts as well as emotional balance. Finally, the corporate fonts we chose for Carola contributed to a sophisticated and feminine look of the brand. Carola can now take advantage of a whole arsenal of marketing equipment and is ready to communicated her message across chosen media channels .

Without a doubt, the concept of personal branding will gain further importance. Nowadays, due to an information overload in media, an individual will have to take extra care to be able to influence public perception and stay in demand on a professional market place. How does your personal branding look like today?

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  • Client Carola Weicksel
  • Date September 7, 2022
  • Tags Conceptual Design, Corporate Identity Design, Digital Design, Personal Branding, Print Design, Print Production, Social Media Design, Website Design
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